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Odor Removal & Deodorization

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One of the most unpleasant aspects of a mold infestation in a property is the smell that accompanies it. It’s not always clear that you have a mold problem until your nose detects that something is wrong – and once that happens, it’s pretty much impossible to get on with your normal life in your property. At Leading Remediation Team, we understand how frustrating it is when you have a lingering mold smell in your property, a smell that might be persisting even when you’ve taken robust steps to remove the mold from the building. We offer an odor removal & deodorization to tackle this issue – and our past record more than demonstrates our effectiveness in these matters. Below, you can gain some further insights into this service, and why it’s a must. If you have any lingering questions or doubts that need answering, you can seek out assistance from our customer service advisors – available through our web form or over the phone.

Mold Smells

Ask the average person to describe how mold smells and they’ll almost certainly struggle. It’s not something you’ll come across regularly (hopefully), and even if it is, you might find it hard to paint a picture. What can most people tell you? That mold smells bad! If you’re struggling to determine whether an unpleasant smell is a mold smell in your property, here’s what to remember: mold smells are often humid, sour and fusty. Mold smells can vary depending on the variety of spore that you’re breathing in, and the point in the mold’s life cycle.

Comfortable Spaces

When you have a mold smell present in your property, it’s pretty much impossible to feel comfortable or to behave normally. You’re surely aware that mold spores – which is what the smell results from – are damaging to peoples’ health. How can you be expected to spend time in a space that is actively harming you? Even if it wasn’t damaging your health, the smell that mold gives off is so unpleasant, you’d be highly unlikely to want to spend any time in the space in question. For a comfortable and safe home, the only choice is an odor removal and deodorization service.

Protecting Your Possessions

One of the issues that you’ll face with the spread of mold, and the mold smell that permeates your property, is that it attaches itself to your possessions. That’s right, it isn’t just that you’ll walk into a room and smell mold – which would be bad enough – but that your fabrics will absorb that smell as well. This can have a deteriorating impact on their quality, eventually leading to you getting rid of them. To make sure that doesn’t happen, consider our Suwanee-based service.

No Time for DIY

It might be tempting to try to resolve a mold smell on your own, but this isn’t the time for heroics. The fact of the matter is that home remedies can actually help the mold to spread throughout a property, and bringing in a professional service is a much more prudent course of action. If you’re wondering “how do I get rid of a bad smell in my house?”, the answer is clear – bring in our professionals.

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