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Properties can become damaged and decline in condition due to many conditions and issues. While structural issues are a major concern, and a lack of maintenance might cause your property valuation to drop, nothing is quite as serious as a widespread water damage and mold infestation situation. Water damage can quickly spread throughout a building, permeating every aspect of the property.

This leads to deteriorating materials, structural decline, and even faulty foundations. Mold is equally insidious in its nature, but the main concern with mold is that the damage it can cause to human health, rather than the condition of the property in which its situated. These are not issues that you can live with – you need to take decisive action by bringing in a team that can help with water damage repair and mold remediation services. As you no doubt realize, we can do that for you plus so much more.


About Us

At Leading Remediation Team, we’ve been supplying mold and water remediation services to our customers in the local region for many years, and we’ve always managed to achieve first class results on their behalf. Nothing matters more to our team than getting a property back into a useable and livable condition after it’s been devastated by water and mold damage. Our organization, which operates in areas such as Suwanee, Peachtree Gardens, Berkeley Lake, Buford, and other local areas in Georgia, strives to deliver complete satisfaction on each and every job that we take on – we’re yet to experience a situation where a customer has been unhappy with the service we’ve provided. Our mold and water removal experts are top professionals, people with decades of experience between them, and we know that they’ll live up to the stringent service standards our customers have come to expect from our team. Consider our affordable pricing structures on top of that, and you have a comprehensive package that can’t be matched elsewhere.

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    Our Services

    We’ve compiled a broad range of services to make sure that we can meet the needs of our customers, and this approach has always served our mold removal company fantastically well. In the past, we’ve helped our customers with commercial and residential mold removal, water damage repair and restoration, odor removal services, and so much more. If you’re at all doubtful about our capacity to help with your situation, our customer service representatives will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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    If mold has spread throughout your property, you might worry about the long-term impact that this is going to have on you. Yet, with the help of our mold remediation services, you have no reason to worry. We’ll not only get the mold out of your property, but we’ll take steps to ensure it doesn’t come back. Remember – even the slightest presence of mold can lead to a wider scale outbreak.

    Odor Removal & Deodorization

    When an odor lingers in your property, it can cause unbelievable frustration. Mold smells can be particularly hard to get rid of, and many home remedies could end up causing the odor to spread further throughout the building. We offer both mold and pet odor solutions that rid your property of these irritating incumbents.

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    Water Removal &
    Damage Repair

    Water damage is no joke. It has the potential to cause widespread devastation in a property, and the only appropriate action is to use a water remediation service that can stop these issues from damaging your property in the long run. We extract water from the affected areas of your property, doing our best to restore them back to their optimal condition.


    COVID-19 is a serious threat to human health, on both a global and individual scale. Masks and vaccines aside, the main defense that we have against the spread of coronavirus is behaving in a diligent and meticulous manner with regard to disinfecting property and possessions. A professional service like ours guarantees a level of cleanliness that simply isn’t possible using home remedies.

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    Restoration & Reconstruction

    If you want to restore and rebuild your property, but you don’t know where to start with water and mold damage, we’re the team that you ought to bring in. We’ve got an extensive service record – dating back years and years – that shows we can handle even the most severe and troubling property conditions.

    Commercial & Residential Mold Services

    Remember, we’re available to help both residential and commercial property owners with situations that they’re trying to keep on top of. Mold remediation and removal is second nature to our team, and we’re confident that, no matter the size or type of property, we’ll be able to get your building into a much happier and safer condition.

    “Leading Remediation Team was the service I used to get rid of mold in my home and they didn’t disappoint. Arrived right on time, straight to work, and now – finally – my home is free of mold. I’d definitely use these guys again.” – Rachael C.

    “I brought in Leading Remediation Team to help with water damage that my business’s property experienced and they’ve done some first class work. The space basically looks as good as new, which is shocking considering the condition it was in before!” – Adam D.

    “I use Leading Remediation Team for all my COVID disinfecting needs and they’ve never let me down. I find them to be a very professional and friendly group of people, and it’s worth noting that their prices are really reasonable too.” – Steven H.

    Contact Us Today

    For those seeking the leading remediation and restoration service in the Suwanee region of Georgia, you’re in luck. To learn more about the services we provide, the pricing structures that we carry, and the availability of our various teams, speak to our customer service advisors. They’re accessible through our main telephone number throughout working hours, though you can also use our online contact form outside of those hours too. Both contact points are listed on our website, for your convenience.